FAQ–Mobile Banking App

How do I install the downloadable application?
Your phone will receive a text message from 96865. Select to view (or open) the message (you can also view it later by going to your phone's text message inbox).

Select the URL link -- https://mBanking.firstdata.com/wap/home/mbrms/en -- in the text message. This is typically done by selecting a command on your phone's menu, such as "Connect" or "Go To." You will then be brought to a page with a Download link. Click this link to download the application. When finished, you will be notified that the download completed.

After launching the application for the first time, you may be asked to give permission to access the data network. You will need to grant permission in order to proceed.

Blackberry users with supported devices

Your default browser needs to be set to Internet browser instead of the Blackberry browser in order to download this app.

Supported Mobile Devices